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Cyrillic domain registration - Register of National Internet Domain Names of Serbia (RNIDS) has started, on 27 January 2012, with priority registration of .срб domain for all .rs registrants. Priority period shall last until 26 July 2012, and after that date the .срб domain shall be open for all interested parties.

In the priority period every .rs registrant shall be offered to register their .rs domain names as Cyrillic domain.


Amendments to the Copyright Law - The most significant changes to the Law on Copyright and Related Rights are the norms that govern copyright limitations. In certain situations, social interests impose the need for suspension of monopoly which the authors and holders of related rights enjoyed in relation to their work. These are, for example, interests of public safety and justice, improvement of school education, public information, and advocacy of computer literacy, etc. When necessary, the Law limits copyright by allowing the use of copyright material without author's permission and without remuneration.

The initial version of the law prescribes that within the scope of informing the public about current events, it is permissible to make copies of a work, as well as to communicate the work in all other forms to the public, through the press, radio and television, without the author's permission and without remuneration. With the amendments, the limitation refers not only to the press, radio and television, but covers other media as well, inter alia including the Internet.

The existing Law provides that for purposes of teaching, examination or scientific research, short excerpts of published works may be used. It is now envisaged that for the above mentioned purposes copyright work may be used in its integral form, provided that it is published and that it is done for non-commercial purposes. The same goes for public performance or presentation of published works in school events, such as drama productions or concerts. The only requirement is that the performers do not receive remuneration for their work.

One of the limitations provided in the existing copyright law is that an individual is allowed to reproduce copies of the published work for any non commercial purposes without permission and without paying royalties. This copyright limitation, in a time when copying can be done easily, in high quality and relatively cheap, can be seriously damaging legitimate interests of authors. The amended Law provides that the above limitations do not apply to written works if copies of that certain book are sold out for at least a year. This should stop widely spread practice of copying books, especially textbooks and other literature, which seriously threatens the economic interests of our writers and scientists. Furthermore, the section of the law related to the protection of databases is regulated in more detail. The law precisely prescribes what this protection encompasses as well as the rights and obligations of the authorized user of the database.

The amendments have also been introduced to provisions regulating the use of optical discs in proceedings before courts or other authorities. Namely, before the amendments, the law prescribed that a work on the optical disc could be reproduced for the said purposes, but such reproduction was practically impossible as optical discs are protected with relevant technical measures. With the amendments, the holder making use of the technical protection measures is obliged to remove or alter the measures in order to enable persons entitled by the law to have access to the content.

Finally, the adoption of proposed amendments to the Law on Copyright and Related Rights fully comply with European Union and World Trade Organization.


New Law on Trade Secret Protection adopted - The General Assembly of Serbia adopted the Law on Trade Secret Protection on 6 October 2011. This Law regulates legal protection of trade secrets against all actions of unfair competition.

According to this Law trade secret is any information that is protected by its holder with appropriate measures, that has commercial value because it is not known or available to third parties, or that can gain economic benefits, or harm its holder if disclosed to third parties.

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Serbia new chair of WIPO - Serbian Ambassador at the UN, Mr. Ugljesa Zvekic, has been elected for the chairman of the General Assembly of the World Intellectual Property Organization for the period 2011-2013. For the first time in 30 years the representative of one country from Eastern and Central Europe and Baltic Region gets elected for this important high rank diplomatic post.


New Law on Optical Discs applicable as of 23 January 2012 - The law prescribes conditions for manufacturing optical discs and parts thereof; import and export of such parts, and manufacturing equipment used in production of optical discs, as well as in reproduction, import, export, trade and distribution of disks.

The law prescribes that in order to manufacture optical discs and equipment thereof, one must obtain a manufacturing license and manufacturer's code from the Intellectual Property Office. The manufacturing license can be issued for a period of two years, and it may be renewed for indefinite number of times.

Furthermore, the law stipulates inspections by Market Inspectorate and supervision by Customs Authorities.

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